Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monsters by eMail

Before I say a damn thing just look at these pictures.


These are just a couple sampling of monsters Nicholas is going to send you in an email.

Okay, here's how it works.  It's a subscription.  You send in $2.50 a month (its in blocks of $10 for 4 months) and he sends you 4 to 6 critters month.  Half of what he sends you hr retains the rights to and the other half you can use.  He's got a good use of license included that's very fair.  I'm looking at these guys and thinking how one or two could grace the pages of an issue of The Manor.

So for $2.50 a month your only paying .40 to .60 cents per picture.  Its going to be hard to find a better deal.  And the quality of these bad boys is amazing.  You'll be getting these at 7000 pixels!

I think this is a smart idea.  Charging a low price while getting great value for your money and do it all through a easy to do subscription base.  And there's more.  If he get 2000 subscribers after, your subscription becomes free.  So how that works is I got an email and I am the 379th person whose shown interest and will be subscribing.  So when the 2379th person subscribes mine becomes free.  I'm not too worried about getting a free script, but I think its a cool carrot for subscribers.

So go over to Monsters by eMail and all you need to do it look around for 2 minutes and all you need to do it email Nicholas with INTERESTED in the subject.

Frick'n A these critters a fantastic.

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  1. Dadgummit, Tim. Would you stop spending my money?

    Again, thanks for the heads up. Dunno how I'd missed this one. Gonna have to look at it closer.