Tuesday, July 23, 2013

End of Another Campaign

Last night the Monday night group completed another campaign.  I hear a lot of other talk about starting and stopping games a lot.  That its difficult to complete a campaign.  I know I am spoiled with the group we have because we are dedicated to make Monday night, Game Night.  Holidays, work and family sometimes keep us from our Mondays, but its not too often.  We've developed a GM 1 and GM 2 system.  We have a main campaign then a backup game in case the main GM needs a break or can't make it. 

Last night we completed our 4th or 5th campaign in as many years.  Our group was originally formed to be mercenaries and king slayers, but the main focus of that game left.  The rest of the group were much more humble characters.  I played a naive forester who often did the wrong thing for the right reason, we had a guy in our party I still have no idea what he did, a grumpy dwarf who complained about being around humans all the time, but would never leave, a disgraced squire, and a half demon puppeteer.  Together we agreed that we would build an inn with the money we received from ransoming the Scanadian king. 

The focus of the campaign turned toward completing the inn and resolving the problems.  Location was an issue because we built our inn next to the Plain of Cairns.  A little miscalculation that turned out well.  After discovering undead and demonic influences within the plain, last night we were able to assist the elven taig (think of a primordial spirit that protects a certain section of land) into reclaiming the Plain of Cairns.  In return we have the gratitude of this ancient spiritual thing and it has extended its protection area to include our nearby inn.

These are some of my favorite type of campaigns.  A few campaigns back the end of the campaign was capturing a god.  My campaign previous to this one concluded with the resurrection of a god.  They were cool and dramatic endings, but having the simple goal of completing an inn was just at satisfying and fun.  Small scoped campaigns are sometimes the best and most memorable. 

Ken Harrison takes on as GM 1 and Dan takes on GM 2.  Ken's campaign is a mega-dungeon called Monteporte.  I've never played in a mega-dungeon campaign.  While you think it may be go room-to-room and collect all the loot you can, which it very much is, Ken has layered in a historical feel for Monteporte.  It's not just a simple hack and grab.  It's important to understand Monteporte.  While we are still building a foundation on what this place is about, the campaign is just as much about exploration and discovery. 

Dan will be running a GURPS 4th edition campaign.  No idea what it'll be like since I've never had Dan as a GM.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

And I'll be recruiting players for off night adventures once in a while.  I've got an adventure I want to playtest.  The adventure I'm writing is almost in a tournament style.  The goal is to get out with the highest valued loot possible.  I wrote a little about how I'm writing it here

To conclude, another great campaign by +Rob Conley .  I always enjoying mucking around in the Majestic Wilderlands.  I have a lot of footprints in that place.  Already looking forward to the next time I get to play.  Thanks for the game Rob it was a blast.


  1. Congratulations. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. Sometimes I wish my current campaign would come to a close. I think we are nearly there, but it's been about two and half years in real time since we started (playing once every two weeks, with an occasional hiatus for personal reasons).

  3. "Location was an issue because we built our inn next to the Plain of Cairns. "

    You should have a talk with your realtor. Location, location, location!

  4. glad it finished with a good note. It hope things stay constant. That 2 months with canceled game nights and missing players got to me. Good luck on the next stuff.

  5. "Location was an issue because we built our inn next to the Plain of Cairns. "


    Great story.

  6. It was great refereeing everybody and the campaign ended on a great note.