Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guide to Some Gaming Stuff to Buy

There are a lot of great gaming products being published of late.  It's hard to keep up with them all.  With Lulu doing a 25% sale for the next few days it might be time to prioritize what you want to get.  Here is a list of items I have my eye on or recently bought.

Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #1
I saw this was released the other day, hadn't heard too much about it, but it's a zine so its a nearly automatic buy.  It's edited by Peter C. Spahn along with several contributors.  It comes in at 36 pages.  I really like the layout.  Very clean and professional looking.  The artwork is fantastic.  But the most important thing is the content is great.  Lots of smallish articles that are very helpful with adding something to your ongoing campaign or inspiration for a game.  I really enjoyed reading Brave the Labyrinth.  It's at RPGNow.  The PDF is PWYW, but it doesn't seem to be working, when I bought my copy it recognized as a free product and I couldn't throw a couple of well deserved dollars their way.  The print copy is $3.99.  That price is well worth it, but I shied away from the print because RPGNow was charging $3.99 postage on top of it.  I have some experience at printing out a zine so I did it myself and it looks great.  I hope they get the PWYW thingy fixed because I think a lot of folks are going to want to contribute and see this zine continue.

Planet Motherfucker
This one by Jack Shear looks to have about fourteen layers of awesomeness surrounding it.  I've been following his evolution of its creation on his blog Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque and Google+.   If you love the over the top sleaze and shot guns mixed with muscle cars and cheap booze this should be right up your alley.  This thing screams fun.  Jack released Planet Motherfucker on Lulu for $9.99.  I have Jack's other books and they are all solid.  Do yourself a favor get the book and then get your friends, a cooler of booze, light a few tiki lanterns and then play until you pass out.

Dylan Hartwell aka Digital Orc released his sixth creation, Verloren, earlier this month.   I have a print version of it, but you can also get the PDF on RPGNow.  Dylan is one of those rare monkeys that can write as well as he draws.  Each time I get one of his adventures I never know what I'm going to get.  Each has its own personality, but they all contain the Hartwell's style.  Again, its not only an excellent adventure its a mini monster manual again.  The print version is limited so grab one while it still available.  He's charging a measly $4.99 for print and $3.99 for the PDF.  I want to do a more extensive review of Verloren in the near future.

Delve! Zine Special - Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird
Johnathan Bingham wrote this for his son's 9th birthday.  It has one of the best dedications I've read.  After you read it you'll know how much love and effort Johnathan put into this adventure.  I'm glad he decided to share this adventure with the rest of us.  It is a flat out fun adventure and if you have kids I think it will appeal to them.  Like I mentions above, Johnathan is another mutant monkey that is a crazy good artist and now he penning excellent adventures.  Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird on sale on RPGNow for only $1.99.  He mention of having a limited print run of the adventure, but I'm not sure when that will be available.

Non-Player Character
This one I haven't bought yet, but on list of gets.  It comes from Courtney Campbell of Hack and Slash.  Courtney produces top notch work and I'm using a few of his free downloads for helping me construct my next campaign.  So I'm eyeballing this one also.  It's available at RPGNow and Lulu on PDF and available in print on Lulu

There are more I wanted to add, but time to go to work.  This is sorta like a pre Friday night.  Looking forward to finishing off the small bit I have left on the 4th Manor tomorrow. 


  1. Great roundup, Tim! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Tim,

    Thanks for the mention! I've ordered some new toner cartridges for my printer so I'm hoping to do a limited print run when I come back from vacation (what - they let me escape?!?!?)