Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Verloren

I've been neglecting doing reviews lately and need to get caught up.  Several people have sent me their work and need to do my part.  Which brings me to Dylan Hartwell's Verloren.  He's got a video that goes through the adventure.  One of these days I'll have to figure out how to do that. 

Yes, I do have stamp envy.  The creepy butterflies have migrated to Ohio.

Okay, Verloren.  I believe it is the German word for lost or wasted.  I would use my Google-fu, but I am sure someone will correct me.  The reason why I think I'm right is Dylan loves to put Easter Eggs in his adventures.  And it fits the theme of this setting.  Verloren is a city that has been displaced, out of time and space.  Dylan has created a contained world, the only civilized point in the world the people are aware of.  Even though it is very familiar, everything is very strange and needs to be relearned.  What was once the normal is now off a bit.

Dylan provides you with the basic setting and map to begin.  The situation I've already mentioned above is the catalyst that gets things moving.  Once you get the lay of the land then there is a section of adventure hooks to get your players out into this strange new world.  There is a little bit for everyone, straight out adventures, political and religious intrigue and gambling!

The next session he describes a few of the locations the players will find outside Verloren.  One of them I believe is another Easter Egg, Ignorance Shadows.  I believe this is a play off of my own Knowledge Illuminates.  It made me chuckle when I read it.  Each of these locations can easily be made into long term adventuring sights.  There is a lot of cool ideas included here and mysteries to solve.

And what's becoming a regular feature in Dylan's products is a monster manual in the back.  Nine new critters to use in Verloren or your own world.  Dylan as always does all his own artwork.  He's got his own creepy style I enjoy.  There are several great pieces throughout.  

Dylan is really putting out some very good products.  Seriously good.  Veloren comes in at 32 pages for $2.99 for the PDF and I'm not sure if he has prints remaining.  Dylan had a limited run so shame on you if you missed out.  If he does have a copy or two left, grab one for $4.99.