Thursday, July 11, 2013

Four Things to Put in Your Pipe

Four Tobaccos to Try 
(tobacco being used a generic term of something you smoke)
  1. Viper Weed, is a hanging weed that grows on the trunks and branches of a Hospicus Tree.  Curvy leaves form on the vines and these are harvested and dried out.  Viper Weed is slightly poisonous and causes auditory hallucinations.   If too much is smoked it will cause a person to get sick, that acts identical to food poisoning.  Upper class and nobility have made is a fashionable tobacco.  It is not uncommon that after a meal that pipes packed with Viper Weed are provided as they discuss issues of little importance.  The process to make Viper Weed smokable is time consuming and expensive.  It is usually sold in wet pouches that contain five uses for 25sp.  
  2. Rillian Leaf, comes from the large variety of the Compose Flower.  When the pedals fall off at mid-summer they are collected and mixed with Whisper Seeds to bring out its fruity flavor.  This is mainly grown in the north where the Compose Flower grows wild.  Their pouches, measured in handfuls, are used just as often as coins. It's average value is 5sp.
  3. Prutter Smoke, is a cheap tobacco that many of the poorer folks smoke, especially fisherman.  The leaves are harvested from Malcus Seaweed that grows in shallow waters.  It has the distinct flavor of rotten fish and those who handle the tobacco will reek of it for days.  It does have anesthetic effect, numbing the lips.  A pouch of Prutter Smoke costs a few coppers.  
  4. Dulca Long Leaf, is a fine smoke.  Some say the Dulca plants are from the races from before.  Scholars have found ancient texts that have pictures of them harvesting Dulca plants.  Dulca plants grown in hot weather and require a lot of attention.  They attract insects and any farmer must take precautions or they may find their entire crop wiped out.  This tobacco has a mint flavor.  Some alchemist use it in their remove poisons potions.  If a farmer can protect the crop of Dulca he will be rewarded with ample leaves.  A pouch of Dulca Long Leaf sells for 10sp.


  1. Good stuff! Viper weed is exacttly the right name for a substance people know they shouldn't be doing but do it anyway.

  2. I like the Viper Weed too. Maybe Eve just had an auditory hallucination. It wasn't the viper that told her to eat the apple. It was the viper weed.

    1. Of course, maybe no one told her to eat the apple at all. Maybe she just smoked the weed and got a case of the munchies afterward.