Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weird Game Night

Last night the game started late.  Part of it was my fault.  Dinner was being stubborn.  The chicken refused to get cooked all the way through and if we turned up the heat the chicken would explode into burnt cartoon cloud of black.  We settled on corn on the cob and left over pizza.

The beginning part was just us yapping.  Not sure what we talked about.  A little about the initial announcement of Pulp Mill Publishing.  I hope the excitement turns into some good stories.  Send them in!  Other than that I think all of us were decompressing from the work day.  Sometimes that is just as good as the game itself. 

The game was weird.  The campaign is basically a megdungeon and the party ran out of healing potions.  Can’t get very far without some sort of backup healing.  So the first part of the session was shopping.  Now I don’t know if you know gnomes, but they love to shop.  Then that same gnome, now I am not judging mind you, had a sexual relation with a big ant.  Not an aunt, but an ant.  I can’t explain it, but I believe there may be a movie released on Sci-fi soon about it.

Then at the end of the session we met an elf who hangs out with fungiods so he can nap.  ????

The party is finding other resources to identify and/or resolve some of the mysteries we are encountering.  I think we need to do this a little more. 

We laughed a lot.  I think Chris even did a spit take on his computer.  Oh and just a tip, if you need to step away from the computer don’t place your microphone on the printer while it’s printing.  The  others don’t like that. 

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  1. Yeah, I did a spit take but managed to turn away from the computer just in time.