Monday, July 29, 2013

For Sale! Issue #4! Come Get It!

Where's it going?

Print copies are now on sale!  This is where you get them.  This is the largest Manor yet.  Great art.  Great monsters.  And what I think is a pretty cool adventure.  I've upgraded the paper to give it a cleaner look and the heavier paper just feels good.  Here's a sample of what's inside. 

And that's just a part of it.  Get the print version.  It is very cool.  Plus there is a cool extra included with the print version.

If you want the PDF it will be on sale later this week on RPGNow and Lulu.


  1. Awesome! I just ordered a copy and cannot wait to take a look at this goodness!

  2. Looks very good. I like the dark silhouette.