Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Question

It's Friday.  Work day half way through and I need to get two days worth of work done in that half day.  And I'm writing a post.  I hear a voice from the past that mumbles something about priorities. 

There must be some mega virus of creativity being spread these days because the cool stuff being released lately is fantastic.  So much.  So fast.  My question is what has been released that you want to get most?

 I'd list all the cool stuff, but like I said I'm at work and I need to get back at it. 


  1. I don't know, the cool stuff seems few and far between, while the mediocre and pure shite seems shoulder high.

  2. It's not really new, but I ordered a copy of Monsterhearts. I think my current group would take to it very well. Happy Friday by the way!

    1. MH is a great game, I had loads of fun playing the game at GenCon last year.

  3. My latest cool stuff that I've received is the next installment of freebies for _Beyond the Wall and Other Stories RPG_: The Goblin Infestation!

  4. Most of the stuff on my list has been out awhile, years even (GURPS WWII, Dungeon World - I want it in print, which is sold out apparently, Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits Box Set, Ruins of the Undercity).

    For recent stuff, By This Axe is on my short list - especially once i get some of my Bones minis painted.

    And the Manor #4 when it comes out ;)

  5. Hey Tim! I'd have to say that I'd like to get my hands on the DCC module I helped playtest ;-)
    Oh, on an unrelated note, what's the deadline for getting you some fiction? Do I have some time to get that to you? I'm working on something...

  6. September 1st is the deadline we are using. You got plenty of time, but then you have to get past the gatekeeper Sean. Be afraid. *start creepy music with tubas*