Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Monsters Within the Manor

First day of sales has gone very well and I want to thank everyone who grabbed a copy.  I sent out the first batch today and I'll be printing the rest out tonight and ship those who have an order tomorrow.  Now that issue #4 is making its rounds I wanted to give you a peek at the extra.  I made wandering monster picture cards to put in each issue.  They are 4"x6" pictures of the monsters within the Manor.  And as a true Old School kinda guy, I'm doing it randomly.
  1. Shadow Panther
  2. Beer Ooze
  3. Bogling
  4. Corpse Flies
  5. Linen Golem
  6. Molten Spiders
  7. Temple Guardian
  8. Roll twice

Here's a bad photo of the cards that are included.  Beware when you open your Manor!  They are waiting.

Pick up a copy here.


  1. So cool! I am looking forward to it. Excellent future family heirlooms.

  2. Very cool. So what would I have to do to obtain a "full" set?

    1. Hmm, 20 knuckle push ups in gravel, say please and IM me your real name if you ordered so I can fudge my dice roll.