Saturday, September 12, 2015

August Mythoard Video

Okay, so it took me about four hours to CORRECTLY download this video.  I'm not sure what the hell I was doing, but none of it was correct.  Here it is in it's entirety with me messing around with the do-dads.

+Jarrod Shaw and everyone in his +Mythoard clan needs to be commended for their continued excellence.  This month's box was fun.  First of all, you get a whole set of dice.  If that doesn't give you gamer wood then you need to go play video games.

It's fun doing the videos.  They are a lot more work than I expected.  Even if I do correctly download thee video the first time.  I want to expand and do a few more video reviews of products I think.  Pimp my own shit.  And just have fun with it.

Enjoy folks.


  1. Age of Shadow / Openquest is a simplified version of Runequest / Basic Role Playing.

  2. Glad to know I wasn't the only one that shrieked "DIIIIII-YIIII--ICE!!!!" when he opened the box.