Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Screw The Man"

Tonight we run through +Ken H  2nd session and our 5th overall session.  Now I am armed with a physical copy of the Pits & Perils system.  +Chris C. and I will continue our investigation of the mysterious deaths in the area.  While we have gathered a bunch of information we are not sure what exactly what to do with it quite yet.  I figure tonight it'll come together somewhat. 

On Saturday is our face-to-face game.  +Rob Conley is running a Fantasy Age game in his Majestic Wilderlands.  +Daniel McEntee and +Dwayne Gillingham will be the other players around the table.  I finally finished my character after two false starts where I lost everything I did.  I ended up making an outsider, dwarven warrior, a radical.  So that should be interesting to play.  I have a 'screw the man', an Easy Rider kinda vibe.  In my head, this is what my character's home looks like.

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