Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sand Zombies!

I just completed The Shallows.  It features some new creatures, Sand Zombies!  I think the spelling of zombie should be change, to zombie!, no matter where it lands in a sentence.  But I digress.  Not really.  This adventure is about sand zombies! that can pop up anywhere. 

Combat in this adventure should prove challenging because...
  • there are a lot of zombies!
  • they can appear anywhere
  • they come back
  • and there are a lot of zombies!
I overlaid a hex grid for combat.  The GM should feel free to plop down as many zombies! as he or she feels necessary to make the party poop their pants.   There will be no rear or front since these bad boys can just appear and ambush the squishy wizard in the back. 

You can download The Shallows from my Patreon for fricking free man.  Free!  You get the PDF and a big ass players map.  There is no true GM map because the zombies! can be where ever makes the party the most uncomfortable.  And to my glorious and generous patrons at the $2.50 level and above, you will receive a lovingly laminated version of The Shallows delivered to your very doorstep.

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  1. That is why we used miniatures (to show me the positioning of the group... that way I know which ones need to make rolls... They never knew just "what" was going to come at them from where... we ran a "Swamp" adventure much like this one with "Sand Zombies!"... We had an assortment of the Dead after them... and some could not just be "Turned"...