Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Use the Time, Save Charlie and the James Ward Donation

Meet micro-adventure #33, Save Charlie.  A simple little side jaunt, but time plays a precious role in this adventure.  I'm a big fan of putting my players on a time clock and depending on how fast or slow they get to do something can greatly affect the result of the action or lack of actions.  Save Charlie is one of those, take too much time and things are not going to end well for Charlie. 

Included in the adventure is a round by round description of how the fight is going.  The GM needs to track the time it takes for the players to respond, or if they even respond.  Either way the players could end up with the treasure at the end as poor Meg faints away. 

This is my second Patreon offering this month.  I've had some good production this month.  And hope to have a third release in another week.  I've had new patrons, up to 69.  I'm hoping to hit 100 before the end of the year.  We'll see.

James Ward donation, update.  Patreaon messed up my account two different ways this month, but they've responded quickly and fixed the one issue.  I'm not waiting around for them to correct the other half.  I've transferred the pledges to my Paypal account and found GoFundMe doesn't accept Paypal payments.  So I have to transfer the money to my bank account (which I have one set aside for my gaming indulgences), that take a few days.  Once I get the money in there I'll make my donation of $150.  I see that he's received over $15,000 in donations.  Wow.  When I first looked into donating at the beginning of the month I think it had just hit $2000.  Gamers as a whole a generous lot. 

As always a big thanks to all my patrons.  Anyone can download Save Charlie from my patreon site.  Those of you, you know who you are, will receive a laminated version of the adventure at the end of the month.


  1. Oh, yeah, I like this little 'side adventure' a lot. Nice one, Tim!

  2. As one of your patrons, I say thank you.

  3. Nice ... And you show yourself to have a "good Heart"...

  4. As the only Charlie commenting on this one I would like to say that I feel like this Charlie what has gotten himself in this mess. It may be that he, this false Charlie, is a fine man; good family, loves his dog, hates Hitler. But none of that will save this doppelganger because such things are by their very nature evil and must be put to the sword.

    As the one, true Charlie I choose to walk away from him and listen to his agonized, alien screams in the distance.