Friday, September 11, 2015

Dragon Age and Caramel, the True Secret to Adventure Writing

Back at the bookstore, nearly hit a randm tire in the middle of the highway doing 70.  I was doing 70, not the random tire.  Working on the Dragon Age adventure for Sunday.  One of the the fun things working with a new system there is that feel of the unknown.  This is the first time I've ever used a 'canned' world.  Rob is not a fan of the world, Dwayne likes the system.  So Rob can suck it.

I'm writing a simple adventure with a twist using the built in Dragon Age history.  Part of why I'm enjoying this so much is researching the history.  One of my favorite things to do it take a group, event, era in history and find the room to put my own spin to them.  Just a little.  A not so reputable bandit who makes a difference in the outcome during the Second Blight.  Develop a little local folklore.  And a group/cult that still worships the Old Gods.  Fucking hell, it's fun.

Ivy just brought me my Coma by Caramel drink.  Time to get to work.  Peace out this Friday night, enjoy some dice and adventure.  It's weekend time.  Not work allowed.


  1. Couldn't you switch to the generic FAGE and do a world Rob likes while keeping the system Dwayne likes?

    1. In the long run that is the plan, but for now I wanted to playtest the AGE system with Dragon Age.