Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My History with One-Page Zines (or OPZs)

 +Christian Walker with his release of the tolling of the great black bell has sparked a surge of others getting into the one-page zines.  You've got +matt jackson producing The Ten Foot Pole, +Mike Davison  and his Boarding Action, +Tony T is writing Outpost Owlbear and +Wayne Snyder is penning Dark Ruins.  These are what I know of right now.  There might be a few more OPZs birthing out there as I write.  I hope so.

I love the excitement its generating and to no small part to Christian for inspiring others...again.  As I've said many times, without Christian's Loviatar, there would be no Manor and probably a bunch more.  Tonight I was putting together a binder for all the OPZs I've been getting and found all of Christian's older ones and I'd forgotten about a few of them.

The one I remember the best is One Square = 5' (6 issues).  I wrote a series of posts of solo adventuring through the on going adventure.  I believe I played only dwarven characters and they all met horrible deaths and all their names rhymed.  It was fun. 

Then Christian created a Call of Cthulhu OPZ called Shudde M'Ell Confidential (3 issues).  I love the look and layout of this one.  Has the feel of a 1920's newsletter.

And two more OPZs from Christian, I want to live in Los Angles (7 issues) and a letter from Los Angles (3 issues). 

I found another old one by Matt Jackson, Qwellian's Journal (1 issue).   And in a recent purchase from +Ron Yonts he sent along with the books a one-page adventure Calcified Caves of the Slime Yeti.

I guess I was just thinking how I thought all this OPZ stuff was new and once I got to digging around I found I've been getting them for years. 

Write on OPZers. 


  1. Iridia. The grandad of them all. Also, by Christian. Iridia and One Square = 5' were the ones that got me back into gaming after almost a decade away.

  2. Asshat Paladin's zines: Switching to Guns, Old War Horses, & Princes in the Tower:


    Get all the Iridia issues in a single PDF here:


  3. That's so cool! Lunatic that I am, I don't have copies of many of the things I've written. I am glad that they are still floating around out there. Maybe someday when I am dead and gone someone can, like, wallpaper my mausoleum with them. Kids can wander by and wonder what the hell it was all about. Game on!