Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend at Fenric's

We just concluded our second session of Pits & Perils.  A quick recap.  I'm playing a fighter with two footmen.  +Ken H a mage accompanied by a footman and an archer.  Our GM is none other than +Chris C..

We continued our exploration of the abandon abbey.  We'd found Fenric dead.  He'd been killed by a pair of wolves.  One he killed, another he wounded.  We followed the trail of blood through a winding corridor until to ended at a door.  Inside the room were barrels and from behind the barrels we could here the labored breathing and growling of the wounded wolf.

I tried to lure it out from behind the barrels, but my ration failed to impress.  He moved into position and cornered the wolf who eventually attacked.

While I may be playing a different system, one thing is consistent, I completely SUCK at rolling die.  Couldn't hit water if I fell out of a boat.  The wolf took a big chunk out of my armor before being killed by one of the footmen. 

In the room we found a cask of something.  At the time we suspected it was some sort of booze, but we have had to tap it here and since we are poverty level adventurers we can't afford to drink our profits.

As we finished searching through the abbey we found where Fenric slept and another dead wolf was in the room.  It's carcass being devoured by a horde of sassy rats.  We took Fenric's body back to Inwood, to break the news to Madaline.

Madeline broke down.  We forfeited our reward for finding the boy and gave the two wolves heads to the elder of the village, Robert, but had him give the money to Madeline since Fenric killed both.  Ken and I are playing sickeningly good guys.  However, because of this we wouldn't have the money to stay at the inn.  I attempted to strike a bargain with Robert and he asked if we had anything to sell and that's when I remembered the cask.  The cask was full of fine brandy.  Robert said he would take it in trade for 5 nights stay.  We made the deal.

During a conversation with Robert we discovered that the workers found a wolf amulet at the bottom of the well.  Some of the people said they say a stranger wearing that same amulet.  He passed through a few weeks ago.  And a few days later said Fenric was seen with the amulet.

Phrandor knew the amulet was a symbol of Lycaen.  He said the people that followed Lycaen could very be the cause of the well water problems and the reason why the wolves are more aggressive and in larger numbers.

Being that we were down to the last few coins we decided that our next choice of action would be going after the main wolves den.  It happened to be down the river across from the abbey we had just explored.  But before we left, I took a day to repair my armor and Phrandor identified a mysterious elixir we found in the abbey.  It was a potion of animal command. 

We concluded the session with us edging toward the cave.  An unnatural quiet spread through this area of the forest. 

After Game Thought
  • I still SUCK at throwing dice.  
  • This was our first combat and it was interesting.  You have to roll a 9 or better on 2d6.  I had a +1 to my attack, but when you roll 1s as often as I do that's like throwing a packet of sugar into the ocean to sweeten it up.
  • Ken and I discussed the power curve in Pits & Perils.  In most games you are vulnerable and fairly pathetic at first level.  In P&P, in combat you can take many more hits in the beginning than you can in most systems, however, the power level flattens out very quickly.  So as you go up in levels your power level stays fairly low.  Which is a good thing, for me it makes those higher level monsters even more frightening to face.


  1. Great and interesting stuff. Greetings to you!

  2. Unnatural quiets are seldom good.

  3. "Ken and I are playing sickeningly good guys."

    In game and out. :)

  4. My character is not drinking another animal control potion...