Friday, September 25, 2015

Mobile Mapping Headquarters

Yesterday I posted about about the wonderful gift +Mark Hassman sent me.  Today I'm showing you a live action shot of how it is being used.  This is a console in my vehicle. 
  • Mark's mapping book fits perfectly in the slot. 
  • A pencil holder.
  • A couple of pens, not so much for mapping for back of check signing or emergency defense.
  • A letter opener for when I get cool mail at the post and can't wait to get home to open it.  That little stem on the apple is fricking sharp and it cuts through stubborn tape quickly.
  • The mechanical pencil is my main mapping tool.  I make too many mistakes to not be erasable.
  • However, when I am feeling cocky, I have an extra Micron .005 pen.  I'll need to remove it in the winter.  Pens don't do so well in sub-zero weather, but I think I still have a couple of months before that.
This allows me to map and jot down idea while at lunch or just sitting in the car waiting for whatever.  It's almost like the Batmobile.  

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