Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dragon Age Game Summary With Stats

I got back from running my Dragon Age game.  The cool thing was when I arrived Dwayne and Rob were doing a mock combat with one another.  They were going to stop, but I told them to keep going, it would help with seeing how the combat and magic works.  We worked out a couple of tweaks during the sample combat before getting down to the game.

The Setup 
The premise of the adventure is the players have exhausted the income, the innkeeper is giving them the stink eye.  In comes Grugar, the local swill merchant who they shared many stories over the week, bloodied and battered.  The Corigs, a local bandit group, stole his supply of Grugar's Best and killed Butter, his donkey.   
  • What the players don't know is Grugar has been selling to the Corigs for months.  He marks up his price and makes a tidy profit.  He and the leader of the bandits, a man named Chode, was always reasonable, but this time he was different and nearly killed Grugar.

Alternative or Additional Setup
Zacarus, a bann (think low knight), returns from the road with a group of soldiers, they look like they've been in a fight.  He warns the players about the Corigs and how they are being more bold in their attacks.  He also drops a hint about he'll pay for armor and weapons salvaged from the bandits.
  • What the players don't know is Zacarus has already infiltrated the Corigs with his own guy, a mercenary named Irrow, who is posing to be a bandit.  Zacarus believes one or more of his soldiers are working for the Corigs.
Heading on Down the Road
The players encounter Grugar's broken and burnt cart with poor Butter, dead on the road.  There was nothing to salvage so they followed a fairly obvious path up a hill to an abandon hill fort.  A single-story structure with no obvious doors or windows.  But they heard snoring.  Rob tip-toed up to  where the bandits were storing barrels. Behind the barrel, he found a sleeping bandit.  Rob laid on him.  An unusual technique and I wasn't sure where he was taking this, but the tactic worked and the bandit showed them where the secret door was and even showed them how to lock and unlock the pit trap.
  • The party could have recruited the bandit to help, but they chose to run him off.  Which he did the drunken stagger run away. 
  • They also left his mace and leather armor behind valued at 42sp total.  Zacarus would have paid 21sp for the equipment.  

Drunken, Gambling Bandits
Once inside they party threw tactics to the wind and charged into combat with three gambling bandits.  Dwayne's mage torched all three of them and Rob hacked at the leader.  A few round later the fight was over, but one of the bandits alerted others in a room just at the end of the corridor.  No time to think or loot because the rest of the bandits...
  • The party left behind 2 mauls, long sword, 3 throwing knives, 2 heavy leather armor and 1 light mail armor, leaving behind a total of 196sp worth of equipment, Zacarus would have given them 50% of the value so the left 98sp behind.  They also did not find the key in the lieutenant's boot.

A half dozen drunken bandits charged into battle.  And still in the room Dwayne's mage spotted a man dressed in a guard uniform.  During the battle the warrior went down, but the mage stunted on a heal spell and was able to do it again, reviving the fallen warrior to nearly complete health.  After this the battle turned against the bandits and they were hacked down.
  • The party left behind 6 maces, 6 heavy leathers worth 252sp, 50% of which they could be paid 126sp.

The Guard and the Booze
When the party entered the main room they found the guard cowering behind crates of Grugar's Finest.  Two dozen crates in all.   The party bullied the guard into stripping and throwing down his weapons.  The intended to rest, hoping to recover some health and mana...

But Along Came Irrow
 A well-muscled man stepped out of the door, he wore no shirt revealing his upper body was covered in scars.  He asked what the party was doing here.  The mage and the warrior attacked.  During the battle Irrow insisted they could talk instead of fight and that it might be best for them.  It wasn't until the warrior saw Irrow's wounds heal that he decided to have a chat.  Irrow exchanged information, he was not on of the bandits, but a mercenary.  He told them how many bandits remained, but told them it might be wiser to grab the booze they came for and go.  Also warned them from going downstairs after Chode.  The party ended up hiring on Irrow to help carry the booze back to town and also enlisted the guard to help.  They managed to return with 16 crates because they had no good way of transporting everything.
  • What the party did not know is Irrow wore a magic ring that allows him to heal 1d6hp/Magic score once per day.  He had a 3 Magic and rolled very well. 
  • The party left behind a total of 8 crates of Grugar's best, he would have paid 6sp for each case for a total of 48sp.

Back in Town
The party returns the booze to Grugar who is very thankful.  The party also turns in the guard to Zacarus.  And about now is when they figure out Irrow was working with Zacarus.  Grugar pays them a total of 100sp, but they promised to give Irrow half, so they received 50sp.

To Retain or To Bid on Jobs
Zacarus was pleased with the outcome and liked that these two handled themselves so well against so many bandits.  He asked if they would like to be retained with him or if they chose they could be hired per job.  The mage and the warrior discussed it a but.  Zacarus also threw in if they were retained they could get food and shelter at the castle.  And to sweeten the pot more, he offered to retain them just for the month, to see if it was agreeable to them.  The party agreed.

Adventure Stats
The party killed...
2 bandit thugs
6 bandit raiders
1 bandit lieutenant

The party captured or released...
1 bandit thug
1 guard

Total money left behind...

There party explored...
4 out of 9 possible locations on the first floor
0 out of 5 possible locations on the second floor

Characters that died...
None damn it, but almost


  1. Two characters + two NPCS should have been able to bring back another case or two in, um, "internal storage". After all, beer is only rented.

    1. I may have allowed that considering the quality of the booze is nearly at the same level.

  2. Aww. Poor Butter!!

    I didn't care when I thought he was some dude, but a mule? Who kills a mule. Poor guy probably never knew a happy day.

    Have your players started calling the bandits "Corgies" yet?

  3. I can't believe it's not Butter!