Monday, April 1, 2013

GM Games End of March Sales

Here's another addition of "A Peek Behind the Veil of GM Games" or "This is where I tell you how much I sold this month".  This month was fairly calm.  Sales were steady in one venue while they tailed off in all the others.  There were no new releases or reviews that I can think of this month.  I've been spending my time split between working on the 4th Manor and getting my ass handed to me on Black Ops 2. 

Here's how the total sales look this month.
20 - Manor #3
8   - Manor #2
11 - Manor #1
18 - Knowledge Illuminates

Here's how the sales broke down.
  • I sold 5 print copies of #3 Manor and Knowledge Illuminates to Noble Knight Games.
  • Personal print sales, 1 of Manor #1, 2 of Manor #2 and 3 of Manor #3.
  • Lulu, 1 sale of Manor #3 and 2 sales of Knowledge Illuminates.
  • RPGNow, 11 sales of Manor #3, 6 of Manor #2, 10 of Manor #1 and 11 of Knowledge Illuminates.
So despite not having a new release and reviews I still sold 57 units.  Which I will take any day.

On tap for next month I plan on releasing issue #4 of The Manor.  It will be larger, better quality paper, more art and with all this a bit more expensive.  Right now it's looking like it will be $5 for US, $6 for Canada and $7 for the rest of the world.  The mini-monster manual looks great.  I'm formatting them to have a cohesive look.  And I'm finishing the adventure.  It's coming along slower than I want, but so far I like it.

Enjoy April 1st, I know I will be bombarded at work with 'Your shoe is untied' and the classic 'You got something on your shirt'.  I'm excited to get that kind of jovial spirit started.  If I was a woo hooer I would woo hoo right now...but I'm not.


  1. Wow, nice numbers.

    BTW, your shoe is untied.

  2. Those are really good numbers. You're a one man micro-publishing empire. ;)

  3. Nice. Not bad for a small operation.

    As an aside, are your games of Black Ops II laced with streams of colorful metaphors?

  4. I tried to wake my teenage daughter up this a.m. with "Hurry! Get up! We've got to leave now; you're REALLY late for school."

    She responded by rolling over, peeking her eye out of the quilt, and said, "Nice, Dad. It's Spring break."


  5. Woo Hoo!

    You're right. Need to be riding a nuclear bomb and waving a cowboy hat for 'woo hoo' to feel right.

    Still, congrats. You keep producing your zine (and stuff) and I'll keep buyinhg it.

  6. Way to go Tim, Congratulations!

  7. Very nice. Number four sounds like it's going to be great!

  8. @Boric: Good Dad story.