Thursday, April 4, 2013

Papa's Got a New Dice Chest

Went to Hobby Lobby today to get more cardstock.  Found out all the cardstock was 50% off so ended up emptying the shelf of the kind I wanted.  But I also found something very cool, a new chest for my dice.  Ivy bought it for our tenth anniversary.  Yep, bona fide dorks.

It's a lot bigger than my old one and I think it looks fantastic.

A side view of the handles.

Inside it has a wine colored lining.

This is comparison of my old dice chest to the new one.  I'll show you why I needed to upgrade.

I got no room to grow.  My new dice are ready to fall out and I can't even get my dice boxes inside.

This is what the dice look like in my new chest, including the dice containers.  As you can see, PLENTY of room for NEW dice.  Sorry ahead of time Ivy.  You can see the coins in there to.  I use the one dollar coins as gold pieces and I have Jersey Turnpike tokens I use for silver.  Half dollars sometimes for silver.  I use them for effect during a game.  In the containers there are the blue dice I got from Frog God Games Kickstarter.  They are Tardis blue and come in a great little container.  The wife's frosted pink dice and then some swirly green dice I bought last St. Patrick's Day.  Sorta become an unoffical holiday thing I do, get new dice on St. Patrick's Day. I'm also planning on storing my dicebags inside.

Is my new dice chest cool or not?

Oh one more thing.  The wife scored pretty good tonight too.  And she wants me to tell you that the cashier paid her eighty-one cents to take all this girly crap out of the store.  Now it's in my box.  I don't like that very much.  Well, maybe the chocolate can stay.


  1. Interestingly, I made a Hobby Lobby Dice chest purchase last week too! But my new dice chest is, well, a dice!

  2. Very cool dice chest!

    Just make sure to check for traps.

  3. Bard, I failed my check. It was a delayed trap. This chest makes you want to fill it with dice. It is a devious trap.


  4. Nice looking chest, but you can't have too many dice. You need to step up to the footlocker sized one where you can keep giant styrofoam D20's.

  5. I bought a couple of these chests too!

    One is for all my modeling needs and the other holds all my 40k minis!


  6. Leave room for me to sleep when I come up your way for a gaming weekend. I am assuming the box is not airtight.

  7. These are sweet looking. I guess I'm gonna be making a trip this weekend to Hobby Lobby.