Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keeping It Simple on a Sleestak Sunday Night

Not sure where I found this fine fellow, but I like it.  And its on graph paper.  I thought about hollowing out his head and making it part of my one-page dungeon entry.  I'd forgotten all about the one-page dungeon contest.  Completely.  I love that contest.  There are a lot of great prizes and holy crapola, a $300 anonymous donor. I think if I could win a prize (besides the cash) I would love PDFs of Land of Nod magazines.  I've got a handful, but one of the prizes is the entire run.  Color me wanting.  And of course I would never say no to dice.  There are not as many submissions this year as in years past.  I think the S&W Appreciation Day boggarted some of the energy.  April 30th is the deadline, so if you're going to get in better stop playing Black Ops...oh wait, never mind.

Also, make sure you go over to the Chronicles of Ganth and sign up for ERIC!'s giveaway.  The fifth tier in unlocked.  That means he's giving away $25 RPGNow bucks away.  If enough people sign up we can get ERIC! to shell out $50.  Let's put the screws to him and make him empty his pockets.  Join his blog, say howdy and I'll thank you when I win. 

Time to go work on my one-page dungeon.  I have NO idea what it will be.  I'll need to mull it over.  Mulling never gets me far though.  I do better when I just sit down and just let loose.  Draw a map, write something a bit snarky and with a bit of humor.  Well, at least I'll think its funny. 

Oh, and I wanted to thank everyone who wrote me emails about the Mini Manor.  It was fun to do and glad to do it. 


  1. Stop playing Black Ops....I'd rather kiss a Sleestak!

  2. Darn had to go and remind me of the 1PD contest. Crap. I had forced myself to forget, what with the time constraints the boss is putting on me.

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