Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three Goats, a Boat and Kobold named Larry Walk into a Mega-Dungeon

Monday night we had our third session in Ken Harrison's, Montporte mega-dungeon.  This time around we only had two brave souls able to wander the potty lined dungeon.  We had a few NPCs to back us up, but our ranks would soon swell. 

Bard, from The Clash of Spear on Shield, joined the group.  We had a lot missing due to emergencies, video games with their child and work.  So I dusted off Adzeer Mattui, Monster Hunter of the 1st Circle, and in we went.  Farther into Monteporte than ever before.

Mattui was in a smooshing state-state-of-mind.  His mace only had dried blood upon it and that is never good.  A monster hunter should always feed his weapons with fresh blood. 

Onward we went.  We found a dining room with prayers on the walls.  Nothing to smoosh, nothing to eat.  This room serves no purpose to me.  Onward.

The scurrying of some big beetles.  We chased them down.  While the defeat of insects it low on the ladder of glory it was all I had to work with at the time.  We chased those beetles down and smooshed them.  I believe we found another potty, but there were no skeletons inside, no boom booms, no treasure.  Onward!

The next scene we encounter is the bodies of gynomes (undead gnomes), kobolds and goats littering the room.  Little arrows were everywhere.  We found three cave goats still alive and burden with much food and drink and little floatie devices to help Mattui get across the water.  And one little kobold boat.  It was then I found the blood trail and followed it to a barred door.  After a short conversation with a wounded kobold he bravely came out yet another pooper room.  I had no idea dwarves need so many boom boom rooms.  Mattui wanting only to kill the best meat, healed him fully and asked him to dine.  While my intentions were to smoosh the kobold after a good meal, he told us his name was Laramore.  So we called him +Larry Moore, or Little Larry.  So I kept him.  Onward!

Little Larry shared a map with us.

Larry is a horrible map maker.  We found out the orcs were back the way we came and probably where out prisoners were being kept.  While Mattui wants to save the prisoners it is the smooshing that is the important thing.

We back tracked a bit.  Found a room with spiders, Dante attempted to immolate some spiders, but he throws like an owlbear with peckers for arms.  Little Larry and Dante rushed in as Mattui stood beside and smooshed the horrible spiders.  It was there we found yet another pooper room and Dante found a silver bar in one of the bowls.  He pulled it out and exclaimed, "Not much poop on it either."  There is a fine line between being brave and being foolhardy. 

It is there were we stopped for the night.  Our party grew by three goats, a boat and a kobold named Larry.  I would say it was a very successful night.  Smooshing was had.  Silver and treasure was found.  And Mattui may have found his first convert to the Monster Hunter religion.


  1. Smoosh!

    This shall be our battle cry!

  2. All you need is a wolf and a cabbage, then.

  3. I think that about captures the evening. I loved the image on the Roll20 map of two player characters, two henchmen carrying a boat, a rescued female prisoner now torchbearer leading three cave goats with saddlebags, and a kobold thrown in for good measure.