Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Progress on the Mini Manor


Whew, I'm whooped, but I've gone through the Mini Manor once. For being so small there were a ton of stuff I needed to fix.  So I'm going to give a go through again before I hand it to the wife and +Ken Harrison to defile.

I changed the cover.  At the bottom I included the OSR logo, thank you +Stuart Robertson and the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day logo.  Cause that's what I'm doing it for.  As you can see my yellow ink monster is back, but I'm leaving it in.  It's a mini zine.  I'll just say its supposed to be like that.  No one will know the difference.

I got it to the 16 pages I wanted. 

+Jason Sholtis is doing the artwork.  Increase the coolness times Sholtis.  I'm super hyped at what he's going to come up with.   Two pieces of art.  One is for the title page of the adventure and the other will be a full page piece featuring the villain. 

I weighted the zine and it comes in at .7 ounces so I can mail it without special postage.  I'll send out a limited number of issues.  And come April 17th I'll offer it as a PDF download.

Having some minor problems with the stapling part because I'm not used to the smaller size.  It goes all wonky when I staple it.  Attempting a new technique. 

That is all.  I'm very curious at what others are creating.  I'll be downloading a bunch that day. 


  1. You know me, I'm a 16th level Defiler.

  2. ROFL. I hope mine comes wrapped in latex or some other non-permeable protective layer.

  3. Looks great, and I am amazed you could throw this together this quickly!

  4. @Boric: Ha ha ha!! I only meant that I am good at taking things out of file folders.