Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top Secret Information Revealed...Look If You Dare!

After an exhaustive search that took me across 32 countries and cost several lives I've discovered the secrets of RPGNow.  Read no further if you value your life.  Think of your family, friends and pets.  All of them could be in peril should you choose to take a bite of this forbidden fruit.  I plundered the deepest vaults of the RPGNow dungeons and found it.  I found the secret of the medal count.
  • Copper: 51-100
  • Silver: 101-250
  • Electrum: 251-500
  • Gold: 501-1000
  • Platinum: 1001+ 
 The ghosts have escaped the ark and will now consume the evil.  Capone's tunnels have been opened and...well, that one didn't go so well. 


  1. Over what period of time, I wonder? WA is currently copper. I know it was silver at one point.

  2. Scott, from RPGNow, said that is the total sales of the products lifetime. No time period, just sales.

    That's weird if it was silver and now copper.

  3. Is that in # of products sold or total value of products sold?

  4. Weird that it would be lifetime. They must have an algorithm that plots recent sales as well?

  5. Lol, nice post. :0). Gave me a good chuckle.

  6. The only thing you missed is that they track RPGNow sales separately from DriveThru RPG sales (along with custom store fronts like the one for Enworld). So you could have two different medals for the same product depending on the site.

  7. I like that electrum is included.