Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GM Games is Setting Up a New Booth

Great news.  GM Games is now on the shop.  My store front can be found here.  I'm excited to have another venture carrying my stuff.  I think that makes 5 in all, that includes myself.  That counts.  Yes it does.

I have to get better about this (having a central place for these), but here are all my store fronts.

GM Games of course. 
Noble Knight Games

Other news, Manor #1 hit Copper Status on RPGNow.  Wooo.  Golf clap.  I am going to email Matt at RPGNow and get the low down on the medals.  They seem to have a ephemeral quality about them.  When I sold Knowledge Illuminates I his copper status around 50 sales.  For the #1 Manor it was at 75 sales or there abouts.  I wonder what the numbers are?  Hmmm.  Time to get my Geraldo stash on!  I want to know the truth.  I can handle the truth!

Other news, I got my books from the Appreciation Day I ordered.  So I am going to go read them now.


  1. Geraldo Stash! Lol.

    Cool that you got copper status though!

  2. Hmmm,, that is strange. I know Edge of Space sold well over 60 copies while I had it up for sale the first time (about three weeks) but never made a copper status. I wonder what their criteria is exactly.

  3. Oh, congrats! Well deserving!

  4. Investigating the medals? Better wear your aluminum foil hat.

  5. "M Games is not on the shop"

    I'm assuming you mean "now" instead of "not."

    (Shhh... anal-retentive proof-reader at work!)