Monday, April 8, 2013

Mini Manor 1st Draft Done

Finished the 1st draft late last night.  I think it turned out pretty good.  There are some inconsistencies that I may address, or I may not, depending if they are fun inconsistencies.  I'll put it aside for today and then read through it tomorrow.  After that I'll give it to my proofreaders.  It will be ready for S&W Appreciation Day. 

It looks like its going to come in at 16 pages.  It's over that now, but I'm sure with some vicious edits I can get it to fit.  I'm going to offer it here as a free PDF and to a number of you I'll be sending a print version.  It will fit in a normal envelope and should stay under the weight requirement for regular postage.

With S&W Appreciation Day, Petty Gods really churning up and con season upon us, it looks to be an active few months.

Okay, work time.  Game night tonight.  We are going farther into the Monteport megadungeon with Little Larry the kobold, 3 cave goats, a boat, a freed female captive, two hired swords and how many of the party shows up for the night.  Looking forward to it.  I think we may discover more about the dungeon's secrets tonight...or we may just get killed.  Either way, I'm rolling dice.