Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Dice

I traded Noble Knight Games some Manors for some store credit and I went shopping.  I felt like getting some dice.  Once in a while I just get the urge to splurge on dice.  From left to right:

  1. Monster Dice from Flying Buffalo Games.  I've seen these guys many times.  I decided it was time I get a set.  It has a die for easy monster, one for harder monsters and then a third for the tough monsters.  Then there is a die color coded to correspond with what level of monster die you roll.  And the last die has faces on it to determine the reaction of the monsters. 
  2. Orc dice.  They got orcs on them instead of ones.
  3. Friend or Foe dice.  Its got a large warning in the bag that I may choke on these dice.  I'm afraid to take them out of the bag.  If they land on foe do they choke you out?
  4. And the last die is a pewter d100.  Metal dice.  Gotta love the way they crack those stupid glass tables and dent the wooden ones.  And if all else fails they work wickedly well in a slingshot.  
So that's it.  Time to work on the manor....or avoid all work and get killed on Black Ops 2.  And to answer Tom's question the other day.  Yes, may exuberance while playing is often laced with colorful words that I have learned to string together in long streams that I've inherited from a Irish heritage.  


  1. Dice, I just love dice! You can never have too many!


  2. Black Ops 2 - Is that the one where you can go up against zombies?

  3. Sweet dice...speaking as a fellow junkie.