Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mega-Dungeon Map Time!

I started this earlier in the week, got about half way finished and the program crashed and the file was corrupt.  So I lost it.  But I will not be stopped!  So I started again, this time saving it in two different places.

This is a basic map.  No features, not even the doors have been added yet.  I'm not going to get too fancy with it.  I think the only things I'll add are the doors and room numbers.

I plan on doing this dungeon like I used to make them in the way back.  Meaning, I'm not going to worry about the ecological system.  I'm just going to make random stuff up and pick a room to put it in.  I won't be doing the blink dog on one room and Beelzebub in the next, but who knows.

However, I will be taking a lesson from the minimalist dungeon engineers.  I'll use a few descriptive sentences and move onto the next room.  It will set the scene and then I can just let my brain groove into whatever I like.  So two groups going into the same room may have two completely different experiences.  The other thing I'll be adding is the random room.  My plan is to write up a one hundred random room table and when a party enters that room it will up to the dice to decide what's in there.

Oh, I should add, this is level one. 


  1. Wow, that's a pretty big and complex map. I like the random room table idea.

    And hey, who knows? Maybe that blink dog is Beelzebub's pet.

  2. Looking forward to finished product.

  3. Definitely not linear.