Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Will be Armed and Dangerous: Con Giveaway

Getting my crap together to go to Con on the Cob over the next two days.  Seems like I'm moving.  I spent a good portion of the past couple days printing out a big batch of Manors.  Why?  Well if you find me at the Con and say hello, I'll be lugging these guys around with me...

and if you ask you can get some Manors on the house.  While supplies last.  Looking forward to meeting a few new gamers and trying some new games.  Any please don't be shy about asking about the Manors cause they are heavy and I need room in my backpack for stuff I want to buy there.


  1. Damn! Wish I could be there. Oh well.

    Have fun with it!

    Tell us about it when you "get back."

  2. And just what is that red cover little book? Where is Blackblood?

    WTH are you holding out on us Tim?