Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upcoming Convention Schedule

Con on the Cob starts this Thursday.  I'll head over Friday morning.  It's a couple hours away so I'll need to take off at 7am.  My first game is 9am. I'll stay over Friday and Saturday night.  The hotel rates were very good.

Here's my schedule for the con:

Friday the 18th
9am to 1pm Dungeon World run by +Dan Cetorelli. I haven't played Dungeon World yet.  I'm curious to see how this game plays.  Believe it or not, I don't have a copy of this game yet...

1pm to 5pm B2 Keep on the Borderlands run by +Jeffery Rees.  This one will be used playing Savage Worlds.  I've never gotten into a Savage Worlds game either.  I am such a isolated gamer.  But I do have the rulebook for SW.

5pm to 6pm How to Design an RPG in an Hour.  It's a seminar run by +Andy Hopp.  Looks like a lot of fun.

+Chris Bard should be there by there later.  Maybe grab a bite to eat with him.  Been gaming with Chris the past few months and have known him in the blogging world for much longer.

I've schedule it fairly tight, but that's how the blocks are scheduled.  There is not much time to get something to eat.  Not sure if the hotel is serving food or not.  Or hope there is something nearby to grab and go.

Saturday the 19th
10am to 2pm  The Blasphenmous Brewery of Pilz! run by +Dylan Hartwell.  Oh yeah!  A little LL in the pilz.  Recently though, Dylan sent me his reprint of Pilz and I haven't opened it because I want to go through the adventure without knowing anything.  It is very tough, I want to read it!  While Dylan is generous he is cruel.  Great characteristics for a GM.

3pm to 5pm Menagerie of the Ice Lord run by +Dylan Hartwell again.  Another adventure penned by Dylan.  Most of our Monday night crew will be in on this one, +Chris Bard, +Rob Conley, Dan McEntee and myself.

Afterwards I believe the plan is we all go out to eat and then come back and get a game going.  I think Rob may run his FATE version of the Majestic Wilderlands. 

Then Sunday I can be-bop home, take my time.  Enjoy the fall drive.  I'm taking Ivy's camera with me to snap some pictures of some cool stuff.  I plan on behaving with purchasing things, but still coming armed with some dough in case I find something to cool to pass on.

Anyone else in blogger land going to this one? 


  1. I'll certainly be there. Will be running Cryptworld and Timemaster, as well as Mutant Future and my ever-popular Thundarr game. As far as playing, I got into a game of Fiasco that I'm looking forward to. I'm also playing a good ol' fashioned game of Dungeon! (I love that simple little board game.)

    1. I know Tim you are running a bunch of games. Maybe if you get some time Saturday night you can join ours.

  2. Yeah, I am soooooo looking forward to the con!

  3. Wish I could be there!

    Hope you guys have a Great Time and . . .

    be sure to fill us in when you get back!

  4. Looking forward to seeing everybody and I got stuff prepped for the Fudge/Fate mashup I am working on.

  5. I'll be there as well. Won't be DMing 4e since the organizers have all jumped ship for pathfinder, and I didn't get my you-know-what together to run some stuff on my own. Will be playing in the 4thcore event on Saturday.