Sunday, October 6, 2013

Map Time! Again.

Completed another map.  This one has a lot of little elements, but the think I found is, see the upper houses?  Now look at the lower houses on the map.  The lower houses are cleaner.  Instead of using a Sharpie fine marker I used a Sharpie fine pen and I think it looks a lot better.  A little cleaner look.  The one fortification would have come out better, but I sort of like the contrast between the two. 

Again, not real reason to make the map other than to make it.  The ideas I had with it are this.  In the upper right is the great barrow and the reason the fortification was built.  Originally it housed adventuring band and a place to bring their loot, but now it serves as an out of the way station for a small military force too keep an eye on the barrow, which is known to produce a small amount of undead from time to time. 

You have a standing henge in the woods.  A small henge as far as henge sizes goes.  Then you have the tower.  It is a mystery as to why it is there.  Still in pristine condition.  There seems to be no way in or out.  People have flown on top, tried to dig beneath and used magic to penetrate the walls, but nothing has succeeded. 

Then there is the hamlet of farmers with a few metal workers and a small three room inn at the edge.  Adventurers come here to plunder the great barrow or try to gain entrance into the tower.  Most of the hamlet's money comes from this.  And gaining access to the the hamlet via water proves to be difficult.  Strong current push vessels into the rocks, larger vessels will find their hulls devoured in the shallow waters.

Welcome to my Sunday.


  1. Beautiful! It's true, the Sharpie fine pen does make the buildings look cleaner. The buildings looked great to begin with -- but the fine pen ones are even better.

  2. You are getting pretty good at this mapping stuff. I really like the hand-colored maps.


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