Monday, October 21, 2013

Con Report: Day Two

I got up feeling a little better.  Met +Chris Bard for breakfast.  We hit the vendor room again this time looking for Fate/Fudge dice.  We found them even though I looked that table over three times I missed them, luckily I just asked and they were right in front of me (can you say failed roll).  Chris and I did a preemptive strike on hunger and hit Subway so we would already have something to eat.  It was a great idea by Chris.

The day of gaming began.  I met up with +Rob Conley and +Daniel McEntee.  They were off playing another game while Chris and I settled in to play our first of two games run by +Dylan Hartwell.  He was running his very first release The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz!.  He gave everyone a copy of the adventure.  Very cool.  I've written to Dylan through blogs, his is Digital Orc, over the years.  I hadn't realized how long it had been until he mentioned it.  It was great to finally meet him, but it was even better having him GM.  Dylan is a high energy GM.  You know he loves his adventure and the man sure knows his beer.  I feel a got a quick education about brewing.

At the table with me was +Dan C. and +Hans Scharler, along with +Chris Bard.  It was a great gaming group.  Dan and Hans are funny as hell.  Chris played a lawful cleric who nearly led the party into a TPK, but was the only one who got stomped.  We had a lot of fun.

After that game we took a small break to eat and get ready for Dylan's next game featuring Menagerie of the Ice Lord.  And again, he gave everyone at the table a free copy.  By this time I was feeling worn down again and sick.  I barely had any voice left for the game.  In this game the previous four we around the table along with +Rob Conley and +Daniel McEntee.  So we had four out of our five Monday Night group sitting around the same table.  That was great. 

Before the game started I finally got to meet +Bryce Lynch.  It was unexpected.  I'm a huge fan of his brutally honest reviews.  I wish we would have had more time to talk.

After Dylan concluded his second adventure we ate a quick dinner while playing a Zombie Dice app on Rob's ipad.  By this time I had no voice left and the fever shakes were kicking in.  But damn it, their was more gaming to be done.

Rob created a Fudge system for his majestic wilderlands and has been playtesting it lately.  Because I had no voice I played a mute fighter.  +Chris Bard played a fighter and +Daniel McEntee played a fighter...I think.  He breathed fire.  Anyway me not being able to speak did not hinder the game at all.  It went surprisingly smooth.  My party was very quick at deciphering my lousy charades.    But after we concluded the other battle I was spend.  I nearly feel off my chair at one point.

While it may not have been the smartest thing to push it while I was sick, but I would be damned if I let all the time and money go to waste and the chance to meet everyone.  


  1. Played a mute fighter? That's awesome! Glad you had fun.

  2. Pushing it while you're sick is hard, but I think you would have regretted missing out even more. Glad everything went well.

    Rest up, post later.

  3. Mute fighter - one of those inspired ideas you would never think of if you were 100%. I once played the POTUS in a Secret Service LARP for similar reasons.

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  5. Had a ton of fun gaming with you, Tim.