Saturday, October 26, 2013

Simon Forster Made My Day

The other day I received a very cool envelope from one Mr. +Simon Forster.  Inside it had two beautiful maps...wait, no, four beautiful maps.  Also included in the envelope was a flash fiction piece titled, Tea and Biscuits.  Made my day.  Thanks a ton Simon!

Side A of the Map Cards
Side B of the Map Cards
Tonight I plan on writing a few quick adventures for these maps and include them in my campaign.  That cross hatching is mesmerizing.  

Also a quick note.  Once I get some pictures of my not so small haul from Con on the Cob there a few things I plan on giving away.  Stay tune for freebies.


  1. I agree with your post label. "Just Fricking Cool."

  2. I am enjoying sliding some of your work into my campaign. Wednesday will see the Salt Mine used but in this case I will be including the lords house as a possible site for further action


    1. That's very cool Ian. Please let me know how it goes.