Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Question...Still Alive

Still sick.  Day 8 now.  Getting a little pissed at this point that it hasn't gone away.  Anyway, its Friday and even when you're sick its still a good day...I think.   I don't have much in the way of a question.  That profile meme floating around grabbed a couple of the questions I had.  So why not just ask the obvious.

What are you doing for Halloween this year? 

This year Whisk is going to select another designer drug to get all freaky on.  I think this year she is favoring Molly.  I like Molly Hatchet so why not.  Last year the bath salts didn't do much for me.  I thought they worked like Pop Rocks and went wild by drinking Coke a Cola with it.  Made Whisk hungry and she ate the face off her pumpkin.  That was cool. 

She also ate the stem on top.


We order a pizza, lock the door (after the pizza arrives of course), dogs and humans pile onto the couch, cue a handful of grainy, black & white films and sit there until we fall asleep.  Which seems to be getting earlier every year. 


  1. Glad to see you're still alive. When Whisk said you were "starting to smell funny" I was concerned for your safety (and continued existence) frankly. I just figured her next post would involve coming home and having found you turned into a big "doggy treat."

    I like the idea for the pizza and locked door. We've done that the past few years--quick T or T with the kids and then home and BAM! The door is locked and a good ol'-fashioned monster movie on the tube. I'm getting less and less enamored of T or T these days. Perhaps I'm a curmudgeon, or perhaps I'm sick of seeing 16-year-olds on my doorstep asking for free candy.

  2. Sounds like a great night! The pizza and movies, I mean...not the drugged-out pumpkin-face-chewing.

  3. No kids in the house! Woo-hoo! Lock the doors and sit up with some old horror movies!

    (I'm 53, so yeah, I mean OLD horror movies)

    Haven't seen a "good," well done "Haunted House" in years! Anybody "here" know of one that's worth while?

    Won't be in my "neighborhood," of course, but it would be nice to know that SOMEBODY still goes to the trouble.

  4. Doh! You threw me off!

    Sorry you're still out of it, Tim. Hope you're better soon!

  5. get to feeling better soon. pizza and old movies sounds like an excellent plan.

    We are fortunate to live near the end of a dark cul-du-sac with a long, steep driveway and make a point not to have any outside lights on for halloween. The grandkids come by early to show us their costumes on their way to events downtown or at area churches and then we just enjoy a quiet evening.

  6. Man, that bug is really hammering you. Sorry to hear that you still have it.

    Halloween? Probably curled up in front of the TV with a moderately scary movie on. Nothing too bloody though. No trick-or-treaters though. We really live out in the wilderness. There are so few houses that no one bothers to trick or treat here.

  7. Tim, took me about 4 weeks and a nice dose of anti-biotics to get over most of mine, and it's still lingering ;)

  8. Playing music at a bar. Just wearing a mask. Last year I played at the same place and wore all black, except for the red box on my head with a row of red Solo cups (I was a LEGO block).