Friday, October 4, 2013

Map Time!

Finally.  Weekend.  It's been a few weeks of non-stop busy.  My mind is tired so I have no gas in the tank for writing, but I can draw a map.  That's the cool things about maps for me.  I can just zone out, watching something on TV (Ghost Adventures is my current addiction) and draw a map.  And I think coloring is a therapeutic exercise for most people.  So my therapy is maps.  He's the result of one session.  Road, woods, those scaled looking things are rock mounds and then a small mine inside a hill.  Tonight I think I'll be working on the next floor below.  I don't have anything written.  Except for that stump in the middle of the road north of the bridge.  For some reason I imagine it to be a blacken stump, a place where the locals gather to decide punishment or 'mountain justice'.


  1. I like it! I really like how you color along the borders of each shape. The way you do your coloring really adds a groovy texture to the map.

    1. Thanks Ken. I'm always tweaking the way I draw them, but been favoring this style of late.

  2. I always dig your maps, Tim. I agree that coloring is therapeutic. That's why painting minis works for me, too (really just another form of coloring). No words. Just tints and hues.

  3. I think Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew should check out that mine to see if they can commune with the ghosts of dead miners.