Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boris Back in Action

Boris is back in town, well, The City.  +B. Portly ran adventure using his own system Detectives & Daredevils.  He converted Boris to his system and all I needed was to add a crowbar and a roll of duct tape and I was ready to roll. 

Players included +trey causey +Steve Sigety +Ben L. and +Olman Feelyus.  They formed the Chill & Maxwell Detective Agency.  And now onto the show...

Lady Anaka hire Boris to find jazz musician, Chick Marlowe.  Why not, fifty bucks is enough to buy a new case of Black Panther Whiskey, some shell for Ivanka and a few sandwiches at the deli.  Besides, the Chick is jazz musician, Boris guess he's in an opium house, but tip say he works for Chill & Maxwell Detective Agency.  Boris never hear of them.  Find taxi man he knows where.

I meet in this Chill & Maxwell's.  Looks like our place.  Looks like every detective place.  Smokey.  Dark walls.  Yellowed shades.  And people sitting around not doing work.  They ask Boris questions.  Boris not being paid to answer questions.  Boris here to find this Chick.  After drinks and more questions Boris ears hurt and decide Lady Anaka not paying to be quiet so Boris say what she say.  This Chick in trouble.  Boris find him.  Meet with Lady.  Boris get fifty bucks and get a sandwich at deli. 

So Boris finds Chick.  Chick say he's not Chick, but he is Chick.  Call Lady Anaka.  Meet at diner.  Boris change mind about sandwich and have plate of fries instead.  They talk.  Boris eat.  Then bugs come out of wall and spoil Boris's meal.  Boris run outside and get hit in the head.  Not first time for Boris and not the hardest hit in the head.  Large man claim he Baron Criminal.  Dressed like a sideshow at carnival. 

Before Boris can stand others are getting struck by lightning and these people of Chill and Maxwell attack.  Boris like this.  Grab crowbar and join in fun.  This man know spells.  After a few hits crowbar was hot to hold.  With others wrestling and shooting him this man goes down.  Boris took much wounding.

Group take him to apartment.  Question him.  He have no idea this man.  Some bag hung around his next seem possession him.  What Boris find out is these men take horn of fallen angel and destroy it.  Many angel are losing horns in The City.  Boris already know they are bad.  Someone mad at Chick, Baron Criminal.  Boris think stick around for a while.  These ones fight.

The session ended there.  We had a great time.  Trey asked for my bad Boris accent and if I tried to do it yesterday I would have hurt myself.  It was a blast.  Sometimes it's good to break away from the fantasy elements and play something in a different genre.


  1. Boris always has such a way with words.

  2. Good stuff. The accent works great in text. Fritzi likes having a big strong lug who can handle a crowbar around. It's good for business.