Monday, October 7, 2013

Map Time...I Know, Again

This map is for the campaign though.  So this one really has a purpose where the other two were doodles.  Here is the village of Bad Water.  This is my first attempt at crop fields.  Meh.  But I think you can identify them easily for what they are.  I like how the stone fields came out.  Might be a few nasty surprises in the outcroppings. 

I have the houses numbered to do a brief (2 to 3 sentences) of who lives inside and general occupation.  Most of these folks are farmers, but some will have secondary skills.  Number 28 is a small fortification with a dozen or so guards.  Their main job is to patrol the roads and keep them clear of bad things. 


  1. I like it.

    Hell, I may yoke it ;)

  2. How do you make these maps ... by hand?

    1. Yeah, I hand draw maps because I am lousy at using the mapping programs. The names on the map were put on after I scanned it in and then used Xara.

  3. Best yet. I am really liking what you are doing with the maps.