Monday, September 7, 2015

Random Map Monday...Just Made It

I've been working on a few micro-adventures, working backwards from how I usually do it.  First the map, then I write.  My ability to write around a map is stronger than my ability to make a map around what I write.  I have three adventures near completion, the writing.  The maps do not exist yet.  This morning I drew this one.  Overall I like it, but for some reason when I scan it, even on high resolution it's coming out blurry.  I'll figure it out.  This happened before, but I've forgotten how I resolved the issue. 

The map is supposed to be the remains of an ancient sewer system.  Not sure what the looks like, but in my mind's eye it looks something like this.  I hope to have this micro-adventure completed before the weekend.  I screwed up when I wrote it using a full sheet instead of the 4" x 6" template I usually use.  So there is some tweaking to do, but that's good work.  Work I look forward to doing and a problem I like solving.


  1. Cool underground place.... we could start with a map then a story... but, mostly would "grid" my World-map and then map out the section that they are in... (Random dice rolls with the "random encounters" charts that I compiled for each type of climate as well as other "story-line" aspects , thus "fleshing"out" the gaming area...)
    ... often they never really knew "what" to expect...
    They had me as DM ... alignment "Chaotic Evil",.... so, we had to make sure to still give them a chance... even "random" characters that would travel with the group would have to be 3rd level or higher ... or they tended to die off rather quickly...
    We do miss the gaming that we used to do in the mid to late 80's..... That is how we kept mind "occupied"... Now play Sims (often bringing in some of the old D&D characters... adds a bit to my game play and allows for new adventures... for these old (character) favorites.... mostly Evil (Undead) mages....
    ... and thank you for joining us at the "Crypt"....

  2. I love the way you did the floor on that map. It looks awesome.


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