Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Day Butter Died, a Dragon Age Adventure

I'm leaving here in about 15 minutes to GM a Dragon Age game.  Looking forward to test driving this system.  I got my 3d6s ready to roll.  I expect deaths today.  The adventure I created is not to be completed in one session or at least at low level.  If the party tries to clear out the area they will probably find themselves assuming room temperature. 

Instead of using a canned adventure I went ahead and made my own, The Day Butter Died.  I learn systems by writing adventures and playing them.  I'm the one running it so I wrote this.  The other reason, is I like the practice of how to layout different systems.  How will it look in print.  Dragon Age has larger stat blocks, maybe not as 3.5, but they do take up a significant amount of space.

I used their style of stat block in the Core book instead of the box sets.  The box sets stat blocks were clumsy, these are better. 

Okay, off to kill some PCs.  Wish me luck.