Monday, January 16, 2012

Housing Cleaning at the Manor

Since I have the day off I've been going through some blogs I don't get to read all that often.  Some blogs who post while I'm at work or asleep are hard to keep up with, but that's what weekends and holidays are for.  I was adding some blogs I thought looked good.  I'm not sure why I didn't have scott's blog already on my roll, but that has been corrected.

Stocking the Dungeon
scottz's blog
The Excessive Gamer 

As I was joining their blogs I saw I was reaching my 300 limit so I did a little blog roll cleaning.  I'm down to 245 blogs.  I think I chopped 50 blogs that were discontinued, dead links or as a general rule, if they have not been updated for two months they get chopped.

I still see some dust in the corners and cobwebs on the ceiling.  Those damn things seems to be everywhere.  Before I go, here is Booger, Johnny Fever and Alice Copper playing D&D.


  1. Cool! Thanks for adding me.

    (Word Verification: sessesse ... I think Google's onto your Sleestak involvement!)

  2. blogs who post while I'm at work or asleep are hard to keep up with

    That's what RSS feed readers are for!

  3. That video clip is classic.

    @Paul: I use RSS feed readers, and they devour my spare time. There are too many good sites, and I end up skimming a fraction and marking the majority as read without reading them.