Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Above Suck

Yesterday I had to have a little chat with my newbs. They were expressing what kind of characters they would like to play. Of course the two girls wanted to play elves. On said, "I want to be an archer, like Legolas from Lord of the Rings. The other wanted to be a elf mage Gandalf character. And one of the guys said he wanted to be a badass dwarf named Clive who could cleave monsters in half. I nodded and listened to their suggestions. Then put my one hand out and told them "This is suck." I put my other hand just above it. "This is just above suck. This where you start."


  1. I like that explanation of where PC's start out.

  2. The best adventures are with sucky characters, IMHO.

  3. Hilarious! Great visual!
    I would have loved to see the looks on their faces.

  4. Hehe...I just tell my newbs "You play what the dice give you. End of."

    Mind you, they are 8 years old so they don't realise there are any other options.

  5. Good explanation -- how did they react?

  6. Lurker > It doesn't suck too much. I wish I had some of your miniatures to use. That would really impress them.

    Zz > I thought it was pretty good. Made myself laugh a little afterwards.

    Rusty > I think so to.

    Bliss & Bard > They took it pretty good. These are people who have known me for a while and know I do have a gigantic smartass sense of humor.

    Daddy G > I can see you standing over 8 year-olds crying because their character got eaten by an owlbear and you saying , "Suck it up cupcake. Owlbears need to eat like the rest of them. Now pipe down and roll up another character. And give your brother back his green six sider."