Friday, January 20, 2012

Map Time 2!

Another map drawn while I watched Netflix.  After a long ass week at work its nice just to sit down and sketch a map and color.  I did another color map.  Instead of doing 'fluffy' wooded areas, just made green shapes.  Not to be confused the with green ground shapes.

In this offering we have specialized little village.  These are horse wranglers who capture wild horses in the wilderness and break them for riding.  To the north they have their own blacksmith and a couple of miners who have a rich source of coal nearby in the hill.  The place is run by a nasty halfling named, Bart Beerbean.  His wife is a big woman, rumors say she is half-ogre, named Mildred who is quick with the numbers.  Some say she can tell how many and what type of coins are in a pouch just by the weight.  And of course their is an equivalent of their Moby Dick horse Bart is desperate to capture.  God, this is so much more fun than working.

And always that touch of unusual.  There is a pylon to the north.  They leave it alone. It whispers. 


  1. Excellent work! I love the pylon especially.

  2. I love that easternmost corral. It's like the guy building it wasn't quite sure what shape he wanted it to be.

  3. Very nice! I'm really digging your hand drawn maps Tim!

  4. I'm always impressed by your hand-drawn maps. They really look great. And I like the whispering pylon -- nice and creepy.

  5. "His wife is a big woman, rumors say she is half-ogre, named Mildred who is quick with the numbers."

    Does she have layers?

  6. Really like the water effect. Great coloring overall. Inspirational, I need to do more map drawing.

    Pylon makes me think Sleestak, but so does a lot of things.