Sunday, January 29, 2012

Which Trees of the Forest?

I've been messing with maps a lot lately and I have several variations of trees to depict forests.  Each one I like and dislike.  So out it goes to everyone to see what others think.  I guess this is my lame version are my tree hot or not.
'Puffy Tree' version.  One of my long standard forest version.  This one is outlined with a thicker dark green Sharpie then a color pencil used to fill it in.

'Blob Forest' version.  Simple shape outline.  Black pencil is used first to do the outline, then the dark green pencil to go over the outline and fill.

'Blog Version 2' Forest.  The main difference is the outline is done with a Sharpie.

'Brain Version' forest.  This one I've placed some texture in this version.  Outlined with a micro sharpie and color pencil fill.  Below is a map featuring this version of forest.

Let me know which version you like best.  I go back-n-forth on this one.


  1. I use puffy trees in my own black and white map, but it's a lot of work. I copy and paste a lot...

  2. Puffy tree. It's what I use. :)

  3. Have you seen how some old Russian maps designated forests?
    Take a look you might see something yuo like:

  4. I definately do not care for the 'brain tree' that is just disturbing. :)

    I like the puffy tree, but on the link JDJarvis posted, this one is pretty cool. Perhaps something like it?

  5. I think it depends. For example, on a hex-free map, I prefer the "brain version" -- it gives the woods some texture.

    But on a hex map I think that same version would look "busy" and your basic "blob" version would look better.

    "Puffy tree" I think would look best when you're doing a one symbol = one tree scale, like in a village or town map.

  6. I like puffy tree, it's what I use.

  7. What does the puffy tree look like zoomed out? Is it one per hex, no hex, or multiple per hex?

  8. Hhhhhmmm... to tell you the truth I've used both versions myself. So either works for me. Once upon a time I used to use the fancy stuff map makers and graphic artists used called screentone. One of the brandnames was zip-a-tone. They had a pattern for trees. I wish I still had some of my original maps.

  9. Man, puffy trees win by a landslide. JD thanks for that link. Not I may have another tree to add to my arsenal.

    Matt, Whisk said the same thing.

    Thanks everyone for their input. Puffy trees it is then.

  10. Brain tree is definitely disturbing...and warrants some stats.

    I like puffy tree myself. Like you said, though, Tim, Russian tree may need to be added to the arsenal.

  11. Puffy tree all the way.

    [I love that you've named your art]

    : )