Monday, January 23, 2012

Map Time! 3

I just noticed I have the Coven Forest in two places.  Not sure what happened there.  With this map I used a picture program to add the words and twist them around.  I like the way it turned out overall. This is what it looked like before.


  1. Seconded.

    About that Coven forest - leave it in that form and add some mystical / magical connection between it - in example party can delve into one part of the forest just to get out of the second one :)

  2. Or maybe you have more than one coven for people to worry about...

  3. The map looks even better than before. I like this "cyborg" approach to map-making, and may have to give it a whirl myself.

  4. How many springfields are there in America?

    Perhaps there is some sort of rivalry between the two going back centuries?

    The two forests may have been named by twin brothers who parted on bad terms.

    You could always blame it on the forgetful cartographer who was responsible for the map. The misnaming has caused no end of confusion with people always turning up at the wrong coven forest with hilarious (or deadly) consequences.

  5. What program do you use? I, myself, use either Activinspire or piknik.

  6. George Thanks.

    Omlet I like that idea.

    Bob They don't even know the half of it.

    Bard Thanks. I usually hand draw the main map. And to answer Digictal Orc's question, I use Xara to do text. Sometimes I just use Paint.

    tonybro001 54 I believe. I like the ideas.

  7. I want to know more about the Aberden Wasteland. Is it just volcanoes, or is there some more mystic reason for it?

  8. Nice map. One question however... the hex's are numbered is this a sheet you drew on and scanned, and modified or...?

    Seriously, you should have used more of your Sharpies...

  9. The Dave Thanks. I like it.

    faoladh hehe, yeah that is the question.

    Zanazaz The hexes were on the sheet I drew on. And for this map is was all colored pencils, no Sharpies this time. When I do use Sharpies it's only to outline or highlight an area.


    In other news, I love colored pencils.

  11. You've inspired me to release my own next map.