Saturday, January 14, 2012

Using All My Game Systems

To flatten my battle map.  It's been rolled up for a long time and needs squished flat.  Its a good one.  One of those vinyl ones with hexes on one side, graph on the reverse.  And one of those ones you don't use dry erase on, you have to use those overhead projector markers.  I learned that one the hard way even though it said it on a little piece of paper I threw away when I bought it.  It's important to read those little pieces of paper.

What it looks like when all the editions work in harmony.


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  2. Is that an Oriental Adventures book down there? I once made the mistake of giving a PC a katana, then I let him specialize. Man, he was slicing and dicing fools like crazy. That feels like forever ago!

  3. Haha! Once, a DM let me make a Kensai specialized in the martial art of Pipe and Fan. That was my first realization of how ridiculously overpowered the options in both OA and UA were.

  4. Might help if you warm it up with a hair dryer.

  5. The combo of UA and OA made some wicked characters. I had a lot of fun with mine.

    Christian > Granite underwear? You have got the same books mister. Just so you know that is a Nook on the fore left helping out the Tomes of Horrors and Adventure.

    Jon > Hadn't thought of that. Well since I shave my head hair dryers are never something I think about. But I will give that a go next time.