Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's a Lot of Lubrication Going On

Last night, game night, we started out where the players had cleared the upper level of the dungeon they were in. They went into a cavern and found some interesting magic items. Including two jars of healing salve. So for the rest of the night the lubrication jokes flew. "Why don't you lube up and backstab the monster?" And all the varients. We had a good time. Even without the lube. The entire session centered around a boss battle. The way i set up the encounter is it would have three stages. Heavily borrowed, hell stolen, from video games. This beast, Rozoroth, would be considered a demon prince. The players battled through all three stages. An interesting thing happened though in the third stage. One of the players grabbed a shield, it acted as a +1 shield, but it had a hidden property he was not aware of. His shield protected his party as well, but if another party member took a killing blow, the beared of the shield would take on the damage and not the targeted individual. So when Rozoroth belched out a fireball and nailed the mage. The half-orc fighter, who was on the other side of the room, collapsed. Of course the halfling theif was Johnny on the spot with the healing lubrication that perked the half-orc fighter right up. Doh! It was a good time. After having a long day at work it was great to come home and laugh a lot. Much needed. And Ivy (Happy Whisk) made a killer supper. I'm working on scheduling my games with the newbs and setting up some ground rules. I want to go over some gaming etiqutte basics. I'll come up with them, post it and let you guys make suggestions or throw rotten tomatoes. Arg blogger won't let me make paragraphs!


  1. If this were Facebook, I would click "Like". As it is, sounds like a FUN time! And this is a AD&D 1E game? I'm kind of wanting to break out some older version. I have all the books...

    Now, how to convince my group to ditch the current, long-running campaign...?

  2. I'm also under the "No paragraph" Curse. However, I found a work-a-round. After you hit return a couple of times, use the down arrow key. That should work. If not you're under a different curse... ;)

  3. Oh, it's a blogger problem! I thought maybe you were all-benzedrined up Kerouac-style.

  4. Tom > Yes its a AD&D game we've been playing for a few months. It has been a lot of fun.

    Zan > I'll have to give that a try when I get home. Thanks for the tip.

    Trey > hehe, I was thinking more of the Burkowski sousing and I got mad at my typewriter and broke off the return key.