Saturday, January 14, 2012

Newbie Character Build

Last night me and the wife had a snow night where we stayed in and listened to some old CDs (featuring Meatloaf, Stevie Nicks, Eagles and even managed to tolerate a little Purple Rain from Prince).  She was in the kitchen making bagels while I hand wrote the characters.  I was planning on using a character sheet, but forgotten how much I dislike them.  None of them seemed to have what I wanted.  A bit like the three bears, this one has to little, this one has too much.  And some are to confusing for someone who is new.

A few things I won't be worrying about and left off.
  • Encumbrance.  This never played much in our games either unless we found a large, gold statue then we would have to explain how we would transport it.  And that will be my approach. 
  • Weapon Proficiencies.  I considered using them, but tossed them in the end. 
  • Spell Components.  This was always something we hand waved.  I don't want the mages worrying about inventory.
  • Alignment.  It is just unneeded in my game.  For clerics they will just need to emulate aspects of their god.  
  • Race Level or Class Limitations.  Never liked them.  Not going to use them.  
  • Eating.  I will do a VERY basic check of food consumed and needed.  I won't go into much detail other than, 'mark off an iron ration'.  
And here are a few things I've altered or changed.
  • Cleric Spells.  As in my current campaign, clerics do not have to choose their spells ahead of time.  As long as they have a slot available they can cast.
  • Spell Bonus for Magic-Users.  For high intelligence I am giving the magic-users bonus spells.  I want the two players who have chosen to run magic-users to have a bit of flexibility. 
  • Simplify the Move and Ranges.  AD&D has a bunch of different measurements so I made them all a number with no feet or inches.  It's just 4 or 5.  On the battle map it will be easier for them just to count the hexes or squares.
  • Simplified the Spells.  Since I only have one Players Handbook, I wrote a short description of the spells they could use on the back of the character sheet.  
What I am going to do next is develop a background for each character.  I want each one to have their own distinct feel and angle.  There are two magic-users in the party, one a human male another elven female.  With the human, he has a secret desire to explore all types of magic.  I've given him a necromantic spell that is illegal to have.  So it will be up to the player to decide when and if to use it.

Role playing is always a large part of my campaign.  So when the thief in the party starts off with no money, but posses a ring he lifted and has to find a place to fence it. He and the others will encounter the power of organizations, the bonuses and the penalties of belonging and not belonging.

Below is a sample of the characters I made last night.  The a fore mentioned human mage with an interest in necromantic spells.

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  1. This is now my favorite blog to follow. :) You inspired me to go to the storage facility and dig out my 1E books (and my 2E Legends & Lore).

    Really looking forward to hearing how this goes for the newbs!