Monday, January 23, 2012

This is How I Think

So after Bug slaughtered a good portion of my Sharpies I went out and bought a 24-pack.  Whisk asks "Why did you get the big pack?  I thought you didn't need that many colors for your map."  I don't, but my strategy is this.  Bug doesn't know that.  The other Sharpies are decoys to keep her away from my blues and blacks and browns.  I will put out a purple and weird gray and one I have no idea what color it is.  They can be the sacrifices to The Bug.  I'm a gamer, this is how I think.

P.S. The Sharpies are surrounded by spices.  I'll bet you can't guess who took the picture and took my orange and pink markers.  I forgot I needed to make my sacrifice of the 'pretty colors' to The Whisk.


  1. Sharpie strategy...Who knew it was so complicated?

  2. Anyone who's met a woman?

  3. Feint! Excellent tactics.

    It's our only chance against the so-called 'lesser' animals that are truly in control of the world.

  4. I only use black. I'm also slowly moving toward computer drafting more and more.

  5. So, Sharpies work better than colored pencils? I'd previously used pencils, but I could be convinced otherwise.

  6. You MUST use ALL the colors! All 24! It will make your map most awesome.

    Oh man, word verification is a real pain in the a...

  7. Digital Orc That seems to be the way to go. I'm just lousy with vector programs and general drawing programs. I don't have the patience. One day though.

    faoladh I use both. I use the Sharpies to outline or highlight and area then break out my colored pencils. I originally bought these pricey art color pencils, but found the Crayola brand color pencils work best for what I want. And a lot cheaper.

    Zanazaz All 24 you say? Hmm, well Ivy took a handful of them. I'm not sure how I would work in bright pink, but it may be an interesting challenge.

  8. Yeah, Crayolas are awesome.

    Now I'm thinking about using the wax ones for coloring maps… But it would have to be a map that I intended not to write on otherwise, so probably not going to do it.


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