Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newbie Game All Set

Okay, enough about the sucking.  I've got a date, time and place for my newbie group.  Next Wednesday at 5pm and the very cool thing is my place of work has a nice conference room and are allowing me to use it.  In fact they are excited about me running a game.

Right now I think there are six players which is about all I want to run.  Especially new players.  I've decided to use AD&D for the system as that is what I am running with my Monday night group.  I really considered running Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules or Labyrinth Lords Advanced.  Hell, I still may change my mind.

I mentioned before, I will be creating the characters ahead of time.  I've asked each player what race and class they want to be so making them up as I watch Chopped with Ivy.  I'll do a paragraph or two background for each.

Expectations for the game?  For me I'm unsure what to expect.  Whether this will become a semi-weekly game or one-shot or whatever.  I would like to set it up as a mini-campaign.  If it looks like it works out then I plan on using Pathfinder's Kingmaker Adventure Path as a template.  There are a lot of elements I really like, especially the earlier adventures. 

I'll see how it works out.  In the drama department we already had a small flare up before things got started.  One of them refused to play because someone they no longer spoke to was already signed up.  I explained to her that I wasn't going to refuse anyone.  That if she wanted in the game she was more than welcome, but I wouldn't be kicking out someone else so she could.  Ah, young stupid love.

I went through my dice last night and found I have six complete sets of dice with a bunch of spares, but they won't be using my original set or my Game Science dice.  I will chop off their little newbie hands if they do.  Just wanted to check my dice stash in case they need some.

All right.  I am out for the night.  I heard Trey is selling a print version of his Weird Adventures so I am going to stand in line.  It's going to be a midnight release so I don't want to get stuck being a group of goobers dressed up like the Sinister Sorcerers or Barrow Men.  I wouldn't be so bad, but they think not showering gives it more authenticity.  Oh wait, I can get it on RPGNow and forgo the line.  Done!


  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to the play report.

  2. I have read interesting things about Kingmaker. I will be curious to hear how sandboxy it is.

  3. Yeah Kingmaker starts of great and is very sandboxy to start. Things get a little weird towards the end. Still great though, especially the mass combat and city building rules.

  4. Good luck, have fun and looking forward to hearing about the results.

  5. Yup, let us know how you get on Tim.