Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sleestak Rock in the New Year

What do you think their playlist would include?


  1. They do a lot of Benny Goodman and Beatles, but sometimes Fzak, the guitarist, has these fits where he just goes off on a tangent and plays some kind of Joe Satriani/Yngwie Malmsteen fusion thing. He gets really weird when he has too much sugar.

  2. Also, oftentimes Benik, the keyboardist, will become confused as well (if there are too many strobe lights or explosions) and start to play Fur Elise. Benik has sensitive eyes.

  3. The first song I imagine off the top of my head is The Sleestak Strut:

  4. All I keep hearing is, Sssss-secret Assss-ian Man.

  5. I suspect they're big Whitesnake fans.

  6. They're also influenced by the Sssstrokes and Sssscissssor Ssssissssterssss.

  7. I was able to find some more information on this concert in the entertainment edition of the Sunday "Lost City Times".

    The gig was at "The Temple" in Hoboken, New Jersey. On stage were "The Lizard Kings". They had started out as a Jim Morrison tribue band. The guy on the left is lead singer Stak Ridgway. During his drug period, when he was strung out on moth dust and couldn't get up on stage, they would sometimes put a leaky steam radiator on stage next to the other band members and no one would know the difference.

    On keyboards is Benik Laimbeer.

    The drummer's name is Triple Moon.

    Missing from the lineup at this night's performance was the horn player Satchmo.

    Far and away the oldest member of the group, Satchmo played in the 1950s with Spike Longgreen and his Long Green Symphonette.

    At "The Temple", the Lizard Kings opened with some cover songs from Michael Stakson's "Hisssssstory".

    They were about to g into a rousing cover of "Benny and the Jetssssss" when enthusiastic fans held high their lighters.

    The profusion of flames caused the band to scurry from the stage and cut the concert short.

    My Sleestak Sunday entry doesn't rock near as much.